Motivated, diligent, energy enthusiast and full of life, I’m ready to take on the world.

Through learning during my journey to reach senior status at Grinnell College, I wish to tackle the issues of lack of access to clean energy and increase diversity within the energy sector. My technology studies concentration equips me with the knowledge of the meaning of technology, but I wish to learn the role that technology plays in different sectors and societies around the world. My physics major assists me in understanding how and why certain things happen in life; however, I zest to be involved and apply it more to life.

My goals will not be accomplished alone as, the common saying at home, Jamaica, dictates, “No man is an island.” Working with others, not only helps me to improve myself, but also allows me to learn about the unique backgrounds of those around me. Being on several committees on campus has taught me the true meaning of teamwork and assisted me to become a better leader overall. I hope to use these skills to bring people together and accomplish the necessary things that will have to be done in my future endeavors.

As a traveller, “rising musician,” embroiderer, dancer, and more, there is always something new to learn about life. I hope I never cease learning.


Validation of WaveWatch III under Hurricane Conditions

June 2020 - Present

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History of Solar Energy

January 2019 - June 2019

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August 2019 - Incomplete (Covid-19)

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Self-Started Business

January 2017 to Present

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A Study of Barbados 100% Renewable Energy Target

June 2019 - August 2019

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Immaculate, Avery!